LIVE BOARD Initiatives

Community Involvement

Using big data provided by DOCOMO, we believe that LIVE BOARD can be a medium
that encourages organic encounters that align with people's movements.

Our medium creates opportunities for new discoveries - opportunities which we like to call 'Managed Serendipity'.

However, as outdoor media is public and highly visible medium,
it depends on the ability to place our ad screens throughout target cities.
This is why our goal at LIVE BOARD is to grow into a medium that is accepted, enjoyed, and supported by communities.

Global Challenges

As LIVE BOARD's distribution technology is linked to Canadian DOOH platform Hivestack,
we have the infrastructure necessary to engage in overseas business interactions.

Looking to the future, we will evolve our DOCOMO Big Data-powered, programmatic DOOH system
and will be expanding our LIVE BOARD format for the global market based on European and North American business models.

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