Privacy Policy

1. About our handling of personal information and history information

As a company that conducts business in the field of communications, LIVE BOARD Inc. (LIVE BOARD) fully recognizes the necessity and importance of protecting personal information and history information and is committed to the appropriate handling of such information. LIVE BOARD obliges all employees to understand and comply with the protection of personal information and history information. In addition, LIVE BOARD has thoroughly manage personal information and history information, by establishing an appropriate internal system.

2. Privacy policy

  • We appoint people to protect personal information and oversee our personal information protection system, and appropriately manage personal information.
  • In the process of acquiring personal information, we give advance notice of the purposes of use, and only use and provide such personal information within the range necessary to achieve the stated purposes of use. In addition, we take appropriate management measures to avoid such information being used for any other purposes.
  • In order to protect personal information, we have established a management system that is committed to preventing unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering and leakage of such information.
  • When we provide personal information, we limit such provision within the range of approval that has been appropriately obtained from the individual, and provide such information under strict management.
  • When we consign processing of personal information to a subcontracting company of LIVE BOARD, such consignment are made under strict management by LIVE BOARD.
  • Regarding the handling of personal information, we follow relevant laws and regulations concerning personal information, policies stipulated by the government, other norms, and our own internal information management regulations. We continuously maintain and improve our personal information protection system in consideration of changes in prevailing circumstances and environment.

3. About personal information

(1) About the acquisition, use and provision of personal information

  1. LIVE BOARD clarifies the purposes of use in advance and only acquires your personal information after obtaining your agreement. Personal information in this context is information relating to a living individual as prescribed in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of May 30, 2003). It includes items through which a specific individual can be identified including items that can be readily collated with other information and thereby identify a specific individual.
  2. LIVE BOARD shall not acquire sensitive personal information about you without obtaining your agreement in advance.
  3. LIVE BOARD may consign some or all of its work to external contractors within the range necessary for achieving the purposes of use. In such a case, LIVE BOARD obliges such external contractors to take safety-control measures at a level that is equivalent to LIVE BOARD's so as to avoid loss, damage or leakage of your personal information.
  4. LIVE BOARD shall not provide any third parties with your personal information without obtaining your agreement in advance. We shall provide your personal information only after obtaining your agreement by clarifying the necessary information.
  5. LIVE BOARD may provide your personal information in order to carry out joint projects with affiliated companies and affiliated councils, and other bodies. In such a case, we shall provide your personal information only after obtaining your agreement by clarifying the necessary information.
  6. Concerning the personal information LIVE BOARD handles for conducting business consigned by other business operators, LIVE BOARD handles such personal information within the range that is necessary for carrying out such business.

(2) Purposes of use of personal information

The purposes of LIVE BOARD's use of personal information are as specified below. LIVE BOARD does not acquire personal information beyond the range of the following purposes of use.

  1. Personal information on users
    • Member registration for our website and provision of contents
    • Distribution of mail magazines and information concerning our website
    • Responses to your opinions and consultation and other matters
    • Questionnaire survey business (when we use the results of surveys, we delete your personal information from questionnaire items.)
    • Hosting, operation, implementation and information on events and seminars
    • Fulfillment of your contracts, payment settlement and relevant after-sales service, and other matters
  2. Shareholders' personal information
    • Management of shareholders including the creation of a shareholder registry based on the Companies Act and other laws and regulations
  3. Personal information on our officers, employees, temporary staff and others
    • Personnel, labor management and welfare programs
    • Reports to relevant departments based on laws and regulations
  4. Personal information acquired by inquiries
    • Responses to your opinions and consultation and measures to improve our services
  5. Information about our client companies
    • Communications about appropriate management of contracts with our client companies and contents of contracts

Other relevant business concerning each of the above items

(3) Request for disclosure and procedures concerning complaints and consultations

4. About history information

(1) Acquisition, use and provision of history information

  1. LIVE BOARD acquires history information within the range that is required for achieving its business purposes when you visit the websites or view the advertisements of LIVE BOARD and/or LIVE BOARD's partners (including advertisers and advertisement destinations. Hereinafter referred to as "Partners"). History information in this context refers to information that cannot identify a specific individual including history and cookies concerning the websites and advertisements you visited. Combinations of multiple history information may be used provided such combinations do not lead to information that can identify a specific individual.
  2. History information is not classified as personal information because it cannot identify a specific individual. However, we position such information with equivalent importance to personal information. Therefore, we commit to the appropriate handling, establishment of relevant internal systems, and thorough management of such information.
  3. When LIVE BOARD uses your history information or provide such information with any third parties, it shall clarify the purposes of use and details of such provision to you, and shall not use or provide such history information to any third parties for purposes other than as clarified.

(2) Purposes of use of history information

Purposes of LIVE BOARD's use of history information are as mentioned below.

  1. Provision of products and services that suit your interests and relevant information
  2. Surveys about the number of users and number of derived accesses to the websites of LIVE BOARD and Partners
  3. Analysis for the enhancement and improvement of services and advertisements as well as examination and development of new services that are provided by LIVE BOARD and Partners
  4. Confirmation of your status of use to handle inquiries from you

5. Inquiry contact

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